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  • 12/06/05 - sorry for the lack of updates... but there's more fanfics up for Distant Dreams
  • 10/04/05 - and mooooree fanfics, continuing the Distant Dreams series
  • 09/22/05 - i've been really behind... sorry guys. here's the next 2 parts on the ever continuing Distant Dreams series
  • 08/04/05 - even more fanfics for you!
  • 07/14/05 - and yet another fanfiction... The Ice Cream Man, by Estridaldrea. Also, for any of you who would like to join my forum, i've been making changes and it has been moved here
  • 07/12/05 - wow, 2 new fan fics for you guys: Distant Dreams parts one and two, by Olivia C.
  • 03/28/05 - officially march and i now have more time again... i think. i've gotten around to changing a few things around the site like broken links and will be adding more within the next few weeks.
  • 02/06/05 - happy late new year and febuary :P. anyways - again, i switched hosts, and again, thinsg are changing. this means that the forum is now at this address now.
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